Davy Graham Anthology

Davy Graham Anthology

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The new anthology recently compiled by Les Cousin music really holds some real gems for any fan of Davy Graham. One of those must buy albums which includes 54 tracks from 1963 to 2007 of rare live performances, unreleased studio work and radio broadcasts.

The first five tracks seem to be from the acetate commissioned by Bob Monkhouse back in 1963 which Graham later went on to record Guitar Player on Pye Records.


Davy Graham dies...

It is with great sadness that we have to announce that Davy passed away on the 15 December 2008 from a seizure at home after a short battle with lung cancer. Davy will be missed by those of us who loved him. The many fans who came to see his last concerts gave him much joy and satisfaction and was something he drew great strength from.

Davy Graham was a guitarist, singer and arranger who revolutionised guitar playing in the early sixties and enjoyed a long career as England's greatest: if often over-looked, guitarist.

Revered by several generations of guitarists, he invented the Folk -Baroque style, invented a modal tuning system for the guitar called DADGAD and composed the signature tune of the sixties folk revival, Anji.

There is a danger of letting many gems slip through the gaps of rigidly imposed labels; it is unwise to think of Davy in terms of "Folk Music".

Davy demonstrated that folk music has as much right to be thought about and developed as art music or jazz. He has been influenced by these forms as well as by folk, Indian and Arabic and also Occidental.

His music, a blend of so much, is itself a minature universe, “I write my own complete music, resulting from a fusion of influences”

‘I’m a traveller really, I would die as a person if I stayed in place for more than a year, I like to change my impressions and refresh my personality. My roots are in my music, and in my friends, that’s enough…”

-Source www.daveygraham.moonfruit.com

Davy Graham - Live At St. Andrews Folk Club (1966)

A long-awaited album from Rollercoaster, and a classic performance from the 60s by Davey Graham. This previously unreleased live performance was recorded by Geoff Harden while he was a student at St Andrews University in 1966.

Geoff regularly carried his tape-recorder to the St Andrews Folk Club and on this occasion, after recording the evening's events, he was asked to erase the tape by someone purporting to be Davey's manager. Luckily, the reel survived and we negotiated with Davey and Geoff to release it in its entirety.

The surprisingly hi-fidelity recording features Davey in great form vocally and instrumentally. This CD will bring back happy memories for those who remember Davey's folk club appearances in the 60s, and it will delight Davey's many new fans eager to hear Davey at his very best..

Travelling Man
Sally Free and Easy
I'm Ready; Work Song
Rock Me; No Preacher Blues
The Preacher
Sweet Home Chicago
The Cat Came Back
Better Git It In Your Soul
Neighbour, Neighbour
Panic Room Blues
Sklillet Good and Greasy
Buhaina Chant
Money, Honey
She Moved Through The Fair
Bulgarian Dance

**Note that this CD has been prepared in jewel case format for sale during Davey's current UK tour (see www.daveygraham.com for details). A Rolapak design will be available from Rollercoaster later this year.

The Long awaited new Davy Graham album

Seminal guitarist and musician Davy Graham releases a new long player entitled "Broken Biscuits".
Recorded over the past two years the record offers 16 tracks, and features 9 new Graham compositions alongside arrangements of traditional music from all over the world.

It represents Graham's first substantial recorded work since 1979's "Dance For Two People."

The record was partly financed by 336 of Graham's long-term fans, many of whom paid for the record before work had begun on it and whose names feature in the cd booklet.

Martin Guitars, Fylde Guitars, Charter Oak Acoustic equipment and Buzz Audio pre-amps assisted the project greatly in providing endorsee support which has now helped allow Graham to record to the highest standard whenever and wherever the mood takes him.

Graham's back catalogue has also been restored from the original master tapes and is released once more with fabulous new artwork, original sleeve notes and improved sound fidelity. For those who have listened to Graham over the years as they drive, play poker, or settle in for an evening, this is a wonderful opportunity to hear his earlier work at a higher level of quality than ever before.

We believe that Davy's records are what ipods and cd players need and that a cd containing the music is the most secure and pleasing format to own it on.

Track Listing of Broken Biscuits

1. Panic Room
2. Flower Mountain
3. Rooty
4. Afrika
5. Samokovsakas
6. The Gold Ring
7. Sa Ma
8. Sita Ram
9. Blood Red Roses
10. Bonny At Morn
11. Kiba Jaya Jaya Gorachandra
12. Precious Memories
13. Ignunt Oil
14. Delerium Tremens
15. Kadinesca
16. Brisk Young Widow