A Place To Be ...

'A Place To Be' debuts at 'Bumbershoot' festival in Seattle
Over the years Nick's music has had a singular impact on other artists from many different disciplines. The Nick Drake estate (Bryter Music) has decided to celebrate these by exhibiting a selection - both as static displays (photography, writing, painting, collage) and as film pieces. A few were specially commissioned for the event, but most were submitted as self-generated homages.

Bryter Music have called the event 'A Place To Be' and plan to tour it for as long as people want to see it and to add to it as they go.

Contributions have come in from such artists as Heath Ledger, Tim Pope, Jonas Mekas, Paul Rider, The Books, Keith Morris, Julian Lloyd, Russell Mills, and the poet Nick Drake. There will be 30 pieces in all, plus screenings of the film 'A Skin Too Few'.
'A Place To Be' debuts as part of the 'Bumbershoot' festival in Seattle USA on September 1st - 3rd 2007.

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