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Plus, through Kickstarter you'll get access to exclusive demos and videos that will make you feel part of this journey, as well as the additional satisfaction of knowing you are making a piece of music history with an album that will be released in the US and Europe. You'll tell yer grandkids – them's bragging rights. It's an exciting time, so take a running leap and let's ride the rails together!

WHY release a record this way? The music biz has changed dramatically. In this instance it's changed for the better: musicians and listeners are teaming up to make sure the music they want to hear gets made!

So you can simply pick up the new EP for $5 (just as you would on iTunes), or peruse the other goods. Whichever you choose, I am tremendously grateful for your participation!

One last thing: If I don't reach the goal, you don’t pay a red cent. But you'll still get the digital EP. If I do reach the goal, you get both your tier award and the aforementioned pride for having pushed the first domino of a magnificent display that saw a new LP to completion, to your ears, and to foreign shores. You can't lose!

My fantasy objective is thrice my goal, as recording expenses will move in that direction and it will also allow me to put promotional weight behind things. I'm keeping the initial goal modest because I've never done it this way and have no idea what to expect!

Please help spread the word with people that know me or might be interested. You can share this site: The video above is also available for sharing on my YouTube channel.

You can preview the record at the Album page on my website.

Hope you enjoy - and thank you for checking this out!


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