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MArk Abis

Singer-songwriter Mark Abis is coming to town. You probably won’t have heard of him, but his story reads like a Who’s Who of some of the most discerning and respected figures in the music business.Joe Boyd, the legendary record producer from the sixties who signed and produced Nick Drake, Fairport Convention and Pink Floyd, said “I have heard more than any one man's share of singer-songwriters, so it takes a lot to get my attention. His melodies are original, his vocals warm and distinctive, a real musical sensibility is obvious, with literary lyrics to boot. Mark Abis is my vote for one of the best of the new generation”.

Abis’s first album ‘Changing Inside’ was produced by Ivor Novello winner Eg White, who wrote and produced tracks on both of Adele’s Grammy-winning albums. Mark’s song “Summerbreeze” was covered by Emiliana Torrini for her first album, and was subsequently featured on Buffy The Vampire Slayer and various other American TV shows and ‘For a Woman's Love’ was used in the soundtrack of the hit US television series Eli Stone. ‘Changing Inside’ has recently been re-mastered by David Watson and now sounds better than ever.

Though his sensitive song-craft and melodious vocals have made their impact on those in the industry, Mark Abis remains strangely obscure, his self-released first album still filters quietly through the Internet attracting a select band of dedicated followers around the globe.

This spring Mark Abis takes to the road with songs from his brand-new album ‘China Ship’. Recorded at London’s prestigious Metropolis Studios, produced by David Watson who has previously worked with legends such as Eric Clapton and Bert Jansch and engineered by Jim Lowe who also produces The Stereophonics. This Album presents a songwriter at the peak of his talents. Deceptively simple songs with their roots in traditional folk and blues are intricately woven with complex rhythms, intricate guitar refrains and soaring vocals to take you on an emotional journey that can be appreciated on many levels.Mark says “I am a world class dreamer, and for this to sound better than I had dreamed is .............scary"Mark’s UK tour will take in sixteen dates all over the country in March 2013. This will be a rare opportunity to discover a secret gem of British Song writing and witness a true talent of our time.

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