Solomon King - Medicine

Soloman King

American Blues man with a mean boogie. Solomon King is a Grammy nominated blues artist with style. Medicine is his second album, produced by Marvin Etzioni (Lone Justice). 10 tracks and back to the blues. Solomon King has got the right ingredients for a top album.

Throughout the USA, Canada and Europe Solomon King has played on broadcast radio leaving his emotion, music and soul where ever he plays. Medicine has all the essentials for a great blues album. Boogie, Bo Diddley, and low down dirty blues.

Here’s what the pros are saying:

Over the course of the striking, stripped-down Medicine, former Detroit autoworker Solomon King returns to that moment when the blues moved inexorably away from the uplift that defined gospel music, and ultimately toward rock ‘n’ roll and then hip hop. The blues sought, at first, to define every-day concerns, but there were no easy answers. As with King’s efforts on this new project, it sought to render those things more real, to define them. That made the music, back in the days of Son House and Robert Johnson, more dangerous than danceable.

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