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HARPER JOHN aka JOHN MICHAEL POCOCK - International bestselling author of THE NOSTRADAMUS BIBLE CODE, THE NOSTRADAMUS CABALA CODE and THE PROPHECIES OF JOSE RIZAL ABOUT THE PHILIPPINES turns on his wry original songs - for base thinkers only!

Wrote his first blues song "When I was a young man" (on the current "BEATING THE BLUES" offering as it happens) when he was - but didn't even know it was blues 'cos he was too young to know anything of value. Played London clubs and pubs, even the Harrods annual parade with the BLACKSHEEP in the glory, pre-STONES, three-chord/four-on-a-good-nite real indie era. Travelled the world for the next half century searching (though he didn't know it) for a hero. Came upon the dead Filipino, Jose Rizal, in a spiritual encounter (check him out on the web) which changed his life and his. In the past nine years he has authored six published books including an Asian bestseller, and has played his "bitter-bitta" Hammer-Smash thinking indie blues and news here and there . . . mainly there. Armed with a beaten, but not down, vintage classical left-handed (of sorts) guitar and a clutch of oddball harps, Harper John can't help but letting the World know what it's all about.
Out of Southfields, London, before doing Bermuda, the Americas and Asia. Somewhere along he lost his way but with the aid of Nostradamus has come back to music and poetic quatrains of sorts with his punchy Hammer-Smash "Bitter-Bitta" style.

He is seem playing a left strung Spanish acoustic guitar with old strings - no pick-up, just a free-standing condenser mic. Silvertone, Special 20, and Chinese "Hero" harps - yep, and a few other rude sounders.


Harper John

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